We promised a marvellous intellectual adventure on perspective.

In the Prologue, we asserted to: ’study perspective in greater detail, broader scope, and more coherence than previously attempted’. I believe that this claim is supported, mainly because we have produced one-of-a-kind perspective resources as detailed below.

However, our journey into perspective is not at an end. On the contrary, it has only just begun. To quote Shakespeare: ‘There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ This quotation suggests that human knowledge (or science) is limited, due to inherent limitations of the human mind/body, the human tendency to make mistakes, etc.

Accordingly, despite our best efforts, we are certain that the work presented here contains several mistakes, missing components, and probably many examples. Hopefully, this fact does not detract from the usefulness of the work as a whole. Let us know if you find any mistakes, identify any logical/data errors, controversial statements, confusing contradictions, evident unknowns, etc. We are crossing our fingers that you send us positive or negative feedback.

The reader can decide if we have delivered on our bold promise to investigate the subject of perspective with greater detail/scope/coherence. Nevertheless, it seems pertinent to provide an overview of what has been presented/learned.

Past Work

The Perspective Research Centre (PRC) maintains the standard world Bibliography of Perspective; initially developed by Professor Luigi Vagnetti and later progressed by Professor Kim Veltman—who together spent 90 years compiling a list of 15,000 perspective titles from throughout time. In 2020, PRC published the Encyclopedia of Perspective (2,500 pages), the definitive work on its subject matter that is a wonder to behold. 

Established over 50 years, is our Library of Perspective, consisting of 5,500 physical volumes, 4,000 digital books, hundreds of articles/papers/theses/treatises, 33,000 digital images, and 12,000 slide images. We shall soon finish a complete catalogue and index of all works in our unique Library of Perspective.

Following the sad passing of our founder, Professor Kim Veltman in April 2020, we have now completed a move of the Maastricht McLuhan Institute (including a library of 10,000 items and a vast number of other important digital plus physical assets) to the UK and renamed it to ‘The Perspective Research Centre’.

Recent Accomplishments

For over 30 years, Kim Veltman was the world’s number one expert on perspective. PRC maintains the official archive of Professor Kim Veltman’s lifetime works, including many unpublished papers, letters, books, treatises, and other manuscripts. This incredible knowledge bank consists of 10,000 pages spread across 350 publications on perspective and related topics. Here at the PRC, we have recently published an archive listing of everything Kim wrote in his lifetime, detailed in a comprehensive timeline document.

We have also produced an initial version of our Dictionary of Perspective, a standard lexicon of all terms on perspective, projection methods, vision, and spatial concepts. The dictionary began as a knowledge package on Kim Veltman’s: System For Universal Media Searching (SUMS). All the different facets of perspective were indexed for the first time and made available on the Internet (2000-2020).

We have developed the Perspective Category Theory (initial version), which unites all facets under a single framework, providing a comprehensive new model and accurate taxonomic-tree—of all possible types and classes of perspective. Along the way, we introduced perspective concepts and related terms to accurately delineate, explore and meticulously analyse, the field of perspective (as a whole).

Note that our Perspective Category Theory is by no means finished. Much remains to be done. For example, a tremendous amount of new knowledge is required about the basic Phenomena, Visual Features, Components of Visual Transformation, Forms, Categories, Methods, Products, and Functions of Natural, Mathematical, Graphical, Instrument, and Media Perspectives, etc.

Future Goals

Presently, we are working hard to finish the first edition of this PRC website; and we aim to complete this by the end of 2022. Wish us luck!

We are cataloging our Gallery of Perspective; being a vast collection of perspective-related images collected over 30 years. The gallery consists of 33,000 images of all types, including drawings, paintings, photographs, microfilms, slides, films, stereograms, holograms, etc.

Plus, we are building a Museum of Perspective; being a collection of early perspective instruments and related visual methods. 

We are also developing a lecture series entitled: ‘Dimensions of Perspective’; and producing a related book and documentary film.


That completes our summary of the main areas of work completed, underway, or planned at the PRC. 

We hope you find these resources informative, helpful, and enjoyable.

Thank you kindly for your attention, and do feel free to get in touch!