PRC maintains the standard world Bibliography of Perspective; initially developed by Professor Luigi Vagnetti and later progressed by Professor Kim Veltman—who together spent over 90 years compiling a list of 15,000 perspective titles from throughout time.

In January 2021, PRC published the Encyclopedia of Perspective (2,500 pages), being the definitive work on its subject matter that is a wonder to behold. The encyclopaedia contains the Bibliography of Perspective, which is printed as a list in volumes 6, 7 and 8.

History and Formats

Creating the perspective bibliography was a monumental undertaking that took several decades to complete by multiple teams of people. This work was supported by a several organisations; including the Vatican, the Warburg and Welcome Institutes, the British Library, the Getty Center for the History of Art, and the Universities of London, Gottingen, York and Toronto.

Note that the database began as a card index system in the 1980s; before being transferred to a dBASE-3 database system on an IBM PC (1990s). Later the bibliography was made available on the web on the SUMS system (2002-2020).

Unfortunately all of these systems are no longer available or in operation; and today the database exists in the form of three separate pdf files; whereby individual files can be searched for keywords in the normal way using a standard pdf reader.

Bibliography of Perspective

You can download the Bibliography of Perspective below.

Volume 6: The Bibliography of Perspective (chronological list: Antiquity-1899)

Volume 7:  The Bibliography of Perspective (chronological list: 1900-2020)

Volume 8: The Bibliography of Perspective (alphabetical list: Antiquity-2020)

Please do also send your comments and suggestions in relation to the bibliography; because we are always happy to receive feedback!

The Bibliography of Perspective volumes listed above have been produced by automatically exporting the full contents of the world Bibliography of Perspective from a computer database, whereby the list was exported to an excel spreadsheet table with over 33,000 rows.

A commonly experienced problem when exporting a large data-set from one data format to another, is that a small number of incompatibilities may be evident in the final data set (list of titles). In this case problems in data-transfer are seen, and in particular some foreign characters have failed to properly transfer, and also a small number of data cells are empty or partially corrupted as a result. Plus the database lists every edition of each work, and sometimes the export became ‘confused’ between the many different versions of say, Euclid. Hence in a small number of cases, a work such as Euclid is listed many times and without differentiating between the different editions.

We intend to provide a fix all of these issues in future editions of the database.

Literature on Perspective – A Select Bibliography

Professor Kim Veltman did create a far shorter bibliography on perspective, which can be seen below.

PDF file: Literature on Perspective: A Select Bibliography (1986)

To be Continued…

Kim always ended our conversations with the adage; to be continued dear Alan.

In this vein, it was Kim Veltman’s sincere wish that students and researchers of all levels, no matter which disciplines they are from, would find this one-of-a-kind bibliography, plus his other works on perspective, eminently useful.

Rest assured that if and when you do make good use of the bibliography, that Kim is looking down from heaven, and smiling.

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