The Perspective Research Centre (PRC) curates a specialist library on Perspective and related subjects.

The PRC library has been formed over a 30 year period; and consists of the amalgamation of several earlier collections from a a variety of sources including: the Perspective Unit at the University of Toronto; and the McLuhan program at the Maastricht McLuhan Institute. For the purposes of legal protection, the library today is known as the Alan Radley Library Collection; whilst large parts of this library formerly were in fact the personal library of Kim Veltman.

The collection consists of approximately 7000 physical items: books, journals, papers and pamphlets that comprise the working library of Alan Stuart Radley. The Library contains and includes (in full) the working or ‘scientific’ library of Professor Kim Henry Veltman, whereupon this collection was folded into Radley’s library upon Veltman’s passing in July-August 2020.


The library reflects Alan Radley’s and also Kim Veltman’s diverse personal and academic interests, and includes works on topics ranging from astronomy, the history of art, science and mathematics, geometry, colour, optics, Illusion, new media, photography, film and television etc; to  philosophy, communications theory and human eye/vision, human language, thought and artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, perception and graphical representation etc.

Of particular note is that the library includes (in totality) the rare perspective library of Kim Veltman amounting to some 600 volumes; plus Kim’s library on Leonardo da Vinci (approx. 400 volumes – including unique manuscripts penned by Kim), plus the collection contains Alan Radley’s optics library consisting of around 300 volumes.

Custodial note: Plans are currently being made to fold the library into the British Library as a specialist collection in the future and to ensure preservation in the eventuality that Alan Radley can no longer house the library at the PRC.


Following Kim Veltman’s death in 2020, the bulk of his books and papers were removed from his home in Maastricht, boxed, transported and stored in Blackpool, UK. Their original ordering on those shelves has been partially upheld. A small percentage of the books bear marks of water, and mould damage as a consequence of storage in a variety of locations. 

The Kim Veltman library was acquired from his estate in July 2020 by Alan Radley; and the original size of the library was claimed by Kim to be in the region of 12,000 items (this count probably included many non-reference items for example letters, CDs, Magazines, photocopies etc); and it was subsequently found that the library contained approx. 7000 physical items like books, journals, papers etc.

Also since Kim collected all kinds of spurious books that do not make up part of the scientific library (including for example travel books, works of poetry and fiction etc) – then these same works were discarded from the collection in July 2020 because they were not considered to be part of the working scientific library of Kim Veltman.

Physical Perspective Library: Indexing and Organisation

It has been decided to create an index of the collections based on physical items that are arranged according to subject classification. Another separate list of digital items will be made given sufficient time and effort (including 300 papers and books which represent Kim Veltman’s publications). Alongside this process, all items are being organised, labelled and arranged on shelves according to subject disciplines.

An indexing process is currently underway for the PRC library – but this in only partially complete (approx. 2500 items indexed thus far from over 7000).

Bibliographic listing(s) and Index(es) to the collection are present in the document below which is a work in progress. The index (when complete) will list all of the physical items that are held in the collection; not including papers and books authored by Kim Veltman which is contained in a separate list. Note that this list does not include many items which are held in digital format.

The list is in subject order and does not follow author indexes at present.

Download the preliminary version of the PRC ‘physical’ library index here: PRC_Library.pdf

Physical Perspective Library: Future

Future tasks related to the PRC library are as follows: A) complete the Library Index and organisation procedure whereby all items are shelved and indexed in subject order; B) publish the index in several indexing formats; for example by date, author, subject category etc.

Plans are afoot to publish digital copies of important works from the physical library in the near future.

There is much to do – watch this space for updates!

Digital Perspective Library

The PRC Digital Perspective Library contains many thousands of digital books, papers and other resources; and we intend to publish pdf copies of many of the more important works.