We present films / lectures on Optical Perspective.

The subject of Optical Perspective is wide-ranging and includes many subjects in art, science, technology, etc. Our focus shall be on helping the serious researcher become familiar with influential perspective films/videos.

Optical Perspective

A list of films / lectures where Visual, Optical and/or Technical Perspective is the primary subject matter.

Perspective Lecture by Kim Veltman (2017). A 45- minute keynote presentation at the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA) conference in London, at the invitation of, and filmed by, Carl Smith.Prof. Kim VeltmanMovie is here.
Representations of Space in Western Art (1986)Prof. Ernst GombrichMovie is here.
The History of Linear Perspective and Foreshortening (2022)Amuze ArtMovie is here.
Understanding Linear Perspective (2022)Amuze ArtMovie is here.
Two Point Linear Perspective (2022)Amuze ArtMovie is here.
Mirrors and Virtual Space in Film (or Cinema) (1992)Roman GubernPRC website.
Flatland, The Movie (2008)Ladd EhlingerMovie is here.
Perspectives et Architecture (1987)Marc ChapletInformation is here.
De Artificiali Perspectiva, or Anamorphosis (1981)Stephen QuayMovie is here.
Die Geburt der Perspektive (2012)Alain JaubertInformation is here.
Powers of Ten (1977)Eames Office.Movie is here.
Anemic Cinema (1926)Marcel DuchampMovie is here.
Modes of Perception (1976)Prof. Marshall McLuhanPRC website.
Dynamic Image (1990)?PRC website.
Putting You in the Picture?PRC website.
Perspective (2007) – Arts Council of England. Films for the Humanities & Sciences; Films Media Group?No further information.
La Perspective by Raynaud, Georges. Paris: Fixus Films Alternate title Worldcat: La Perspective: 1. Perspective d’observation, films 1 et 2. Georges Raynaud, … [unsure if film(s) or microfilm(s) copy of book with same title/author].  (1954, 1955)Georges RaynaudNo further information.
A study of children’s spatial and temporal concepts by New Haven Yale Film B1181 (1971)Donald Lee MasseyYale Film Archive.
Secret Knowledge (2002)David HockneyDocumentary. See IMDb.
The change from visible to invisible: a study of optical transitions; Worldcat notes a film with same title / year by the Office of Naval Research. (1969)Kirk WheelerNo further information.
Fractals Documentary: The Colors of Infinity (1995)Arthur C. ClarkeMovie is here.
Termespheres: Total Worlds (2005)Dick TermesMovie is here.
Spherical Thinking (2007)Dick TermesMove is here.
Brunelleschi’s First Experiments in PerspectiveNigel KonstamMovie is here.
Renaissance Discoveries: PerspectiveRoss KingMovie is here.
Introduction to Perspective Drawing (1994)Marshall VandrufMovie is here.
Galileo and Perspective (2010)Prof. Joseph W. DaubenMovie is here.
Perspective Drawing in History and Practice (2022)Peter NelsonMovie is here.
The Maths of Perspective (2021)Prof. Sarah HartMovie is here
Perception of Visual Space (2019)Prof. Colin BlakemoreMovie is here.
A Romance of Many [Fractal Dimensions] (2021)Prof. David RichelsonMovie is here.
Duchamp Symposium – Talk on Art/Science and Non-Euclidean Space (2009)Prof. Linda HendersonMovie is here.
20 Illusions and Bayesian Theory Prof. Richard GregoryMovie is here.
The Philosophy behind The ExploratoryProf. Richard GregoryMovie is here.
Moving Images (2022)Lenny LiptonMovie is here.
Colour: A Cultural History (2011)Prof. Will AyliffeMovie is here.
Development of Visual Concepts (2015)Shimon UllmanMovie is here.
Table 1: Films/Lectures on Visual, Optical and Technical Perspective


A list of films / lectures that relate to all kinds of perspective (visual and symbolic classes, etc).

The Imagineering Story (2019)DisneyDisney streaming.
Side by Side by James Cameron (2012)James
Light and Magic (2022)Industrial Light and Magic.Disney streaming,
The Pixar Story (2007)Pixar.Disney streaming.
Jodorwskys Dune (2013)Frank
Stanley Kubrik, A Life in Pictures (2001)Jan
Spielberg (2017)Susan
Visions of Light (1992)Arnold GlassmanNo further information.
David Hockney: A Bigger Picture (2017)Bruno WollheimSee Vimeo.
The Lost Leonardo (2021)Andreas KoefoedNo further information.
Leonardo Da Vinci (in 3 parts)BBCMovie is here.
The Life of Leonardo (in 5 parts – 1971)?Movie is here.
Light Fantastic (4 parts)Prof. Simon SchafferMovie is here.
Optics: The True Nature of Light Jim AlKhaliliMovie is here.
A Brief history of Astronomy?Movie is here.
Microscopy: Early History of Microscopy (2014)Joseph GallMovie is here.
The Story of Film (15 parts) – 2013Marc CousinsMovie is here.
Brian May’s Brief History of 3D (2011)Brian MayMovie is here.
Alfred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye?Movie is here.
Pablo Picasso – Cubism and More (2003)?Movie is here.
Paul Klee Art Documentary?Movie is here.
Salvador Dali: The Enigmatic Nature of the Surrealism Genius?Movie is here.
Paul Merton’s Weird and Wonderful World of Early Cinema (2015)Paul MertonMovie is here.
In Search of Moebius (2013)?Movie is here.
Virtually Here: The History of Virtual RealityVR RoundtableMovie is here.
The Story of Virtuality?Movie is here.
How Virtual Reality Became a Reality (2021)?Movies is here.
Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World (2016)Werner HerzogNo further information.
Man with a Movie Camera (1929)Dziga VertovMovie is here.
Future by Design (2006)Jacque FrescoMovie is here.
Buckminster Fuller – Thinking out Loud (1996)Buckminster FullerMovie is here.
This is Marshall McLuhan (1967)Prof. Marshall McLuhanMovie is here.
Ted Nelson: A Very General Lecture (2 parts)Prof. Ted NelsonMovie is here.
M. C. Escher Documentary (2013)Movie is here.
The Campanile Movie (1997)Paul DebevecMovie is here.
The Future of Man in the Electronic Age (1965)Marshall McCluhanMovie is here.
History of Photography (2022)Thomas AllemanMovie is here.
Jaron Lanier – Virtual Reality and AI (2022)Jaron LanierMovie is here.
History of Cameras (3 parts)?Movie is here
A Photographic History (3 parts)Philippe Victor GuezMovie is here.
The Ultimate Telescope (2022)NOVANo Information
Super Telescope (2022)HirizonNo Information
Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo (2017)?No Information
China’s Lost Tang Dynasty Murals (2021)Perspective (Art Channel on Youtube)Movie is here.
The History of Science FictionJames CameronNo Information
Cinerama – Seven Wonders of the World (1956)CineramaNo Information
Cinerama – South Seas Adventure (1958)CineramaNo Information
Cinerama – Windjammer (1958)CineramaNo Information
IMAX – Extreme Adventure (2018)IMAXNo Information
IMAX – Flight of the Butterflies (2012)IMAXNo Information
IMAX – Space StationIMAXNo Information
IMAX – HubbleIMAXNo Information
IMAX – Volcanoes of the Deep SeaIMAXNo Information
American Experience – Walt Disney (2 parts)PBSNo Information
Donald Coxeter: The Man Who Saved Geometry (1977)?Movie is here.
Escher and Coxeter – A Mathematical ConversationProf. Sarah HartMovie is here.
Greek Geometry (2 lecturers)N.J.WildbergeMovie is here.
Projective GeometryN.J.WildbergeMovie is here.
Non-Euclidean GeometryN.J.WildbergeMovie is here.
Ancient Greece and Euclid’s ElementsEarth PlanetMovie is here.
The Illusions of Reality and the Basics of Sacred GeometryTotal ConsciousnessMovie is here.
Pioneers of Photography: The Moving Image (1974)BBCMovie is here.
Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension?Movie is here.
Taxonomy of IllusionTerence McKennaMovie is here.
High Level Vision?Movie is here.
Table 2: Films/Lectures that relate to Perspective (all kinds)

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