Kim Veltman

For over 40 years, Kim Veltman was the acknowledged world’s number one expert on perspective, and he was also a leading scholar of Leonardo da Vinci, new media and the history of the alphabet at the same time. Kim was a scholar who fervently studied the past—so that we might all learn how to shape the future conscientiously for the benefit of humanity.

Kim did so whilst being cognisant of the fact that there are—in reality—no isolated topics and/or unbreachable boundaries between things/processes or people/organisations; because everything is connected to everything else (potentially and in one sense or another).

Accordingly, Kim sought holistic viewpoints and uniting world-views—and he emphasised the myriad of links between different cultures, religions, subjects, alphabets and languages.


Kim Veltman was a polymath who authored 4 published books, 3 major treatises; 12 electronic books; 82 articles in books; 24 articles in refereed journals; 5 articles; 79 electronic articles, 16 reviews and 10 vision statements. But the incredible list of his contributions does not stop there; because we have found several dozens of articles that Kim had not gotten around to publishing in his lifetime.

The upshot is that Kim’s important and monumental contribution(s) cut right across traditional subject disciplines in the arts and sciences.

Kim Veltman was incredibly prolific; and he somehow managed to find time to write several millions of words on a variety of subjects including: perspective, Leonardo da Vinci, New Media, the Alphabet etc. It is the author’s belief that Kim Veltman was one of the world’s greatest scientists – and it is vital that his importnat contributions are persevered for future generations.

Kim’s work stands as a testament to the comprehensive approach of the generalist—someone who studies all subjects meticulously and expansively—and who follows penetrating causal chains wherever they may lead. 

Kim Veltman Archive

Here at the PRC we are building an archive of everything that Kim wrote in his lifetime; and we shall make everything available for free on this site.

Already we have begun composing a list of Kim’s works (runs to hundreds of items) as follows:

Kim Veltman archive list: Kim Veltman Archive.pdf