Our primary goal is to foster genuine insight into perspective, vision, imaging, and related projection methods and spatial concepts. Accordingly, a key aim is to enable open access to perspective resources worldwide, whereby all perspective theories, methods, texts, information sources, etc; are indexed and made freely available (where possible).

At the PRC, we are engaged in research and development concerning perspective and the visual dimensions of Art, Science, and Technology.


  • Hologram Mirror (patent granted)
  • Personal Virtual / Augmented Reality
  • Lookable User Interfaces / 3D user interfaces
  • Artificial rainbows / holograms and illusionistic displays
  • Super-achromatic / super-dispersive / wide-field optics
  • Thinking spaces, Cognitive Media Stacks / Waterfall Networks
  • Innovative cameras, million-aperture optics, hyperspectral imaging
  • New imaging formats; large-scale image linkage, annotation and exploration
  • Insertion of real-world meta-data into images (geographic / semantic) 
  • Hypergrams / BAEM Images – interactive: querying / sequencing / exploration
  • Large scale image integration: Branching ASCII Embedded Metadata
  • Artificial Intelligence: Situated / Distributed Intelligence (coined terms)
  • Artificial Intelligence: Reflexive / Pro-Active / Creative Free-Will (coined terms)
  • Philosophy for: Science of Cybersecurity, Science of Smart Things
  • Philosophy for: Universal Knowledge Machine, Smart Synergetic Systems

Active Fields

  • Optics, perspective and new media
  • Perspective Category Theory (coined term + defined ontology/taxonomy)
  • Expanding the field, scope and clarity of human vision
  • Eyesight amplification / looking & seeing / new types of visual perspective
  • Photograph and movie / film innovation – image annotation / linkage
  • Circular and panoramic viewing, navigation of views / integrated station-points
  • Visual Encyclopedia of Knowledge, grammar of key spatial shapes
  • Artificial, Situated and Distributed: Intelligence (coined terms)
  • World brain / distributed knowledge systems / hyper-networks
  • Smart Synergetic Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), concept of Technopia
  • Optical design of: cameras, 3D displays, panoramas / optics of gemstones + eye
  • Technology assembly / innovation, principles of synergetic design